Sulfibra Group is formed by a group of companies that offer different products, solutions and technologies. Our principle is to identify the needs of customers and serve them with quality, agility and low operating cost. Through the group companies, Sulfibra is present and operates in several countries.

Our history

Sulfibra started its activities in 2006, producing fiberglass laminates with superior technology and quality that was being offered to the market, with the initial intention of supplying companies that manufacture truck bodies. At this time, one of the companies in the group emerged: Sulfibra Laminates de Fiberglass.

With an entrepreneurial vision, the company was consolidated by commitment, responsibility, ethics, reliability and innovation. Characteristics that expanded our national borders, and helped us to conquer international markets, through the production and sale of fibers.

The evolution

Over the years, the evolution of technologies and the improvement of solutions have also opened up opportunities for the emergence of new group companies.
Today we are a strong and consolidated group.

Excellence in pre- and post-sales processes, production monitoring, optimization of delivery times and an excellent cost-benefit ratio are important differentials for Sulfibra Group.

With its own facilities, the administrative office is located next to the industrial park of two Group companies, Sulfibra Laminados and Mercopol Poliuretanos, in the city of Iomerê, in the Midwest of Santa Catarina.

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